The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) was established by Legislative Decree No. 48 of 2002 promulgating the Telecommunications Law. The TRA is an independent body and its duties and powers include protecting the interests of subscribers and users, and promoting effective and fair competition among established and new licensed operators.

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  • How can I select between the services and the service providers?

    We advise you to:

    • Compare between the products features and prices.
    • select the service that you think best meet your requirements
    • select the package within your budget
    • select the service that is available at your location
    • Ensure that the contract term (length of the contact) suits you.
  • Should my service provider have a formal complaints process?

    TRA requires that all service providers have a complaints process and Code of Practice that sets out their complaints process. These should have been approved by TRA before it put into practice by service providers. You can ask your service provider to provide you with the complaint process and Code of Practice. However, most of the service provider are showing it on the Terms and Condition when you apply for the service.

  • What if the service provider refuses to provide the complaint process for me?

    You have the right to ask for it, send your service provider a formal request through the call centers, shops, outlets, fax or email to customer service. If they fail to provide it, please send TRA a formal complaint.Refer to the complaint process

  • What are the required documents for complaining?

    • A clear description of the complaint you faced and your expectations
    • Copies of all the correspondence between you and your service provider and if you have it, your complaint reference number
    • A copy of your ID, so we can confirm you are the service subscriber concerned in the complaint
    • Your full name and appropriate contact details, including your telephone number, in case we need to get in touch with you
  • In what conditions can I complaint against a service provider in the Kingdom?

    In case you filed a complaint and the complaint case remained 60 days without resolution. And/or if exhausting of the service provider's subscriber complaints procedure without resolution.
    Why 60 days?
    The 60 days is the legal period for service providers to resolve the consumer complaint according to the Telecommunications Law.

  • How can I be updated about TRA’s news?

    You can register yourself on TRA's website at

  • What is the best provider for x, y, z, services?

    It depends on the service you require and your budget Mainly TRA advises you to :

    • contact more than one provider for the required service
    • Compare their prices, offers, quality of service and the contract terms before you decide on your selection.
  • Who needs to be registered with TRA's website? Why?

    Any one can register for the TRA's updates from inside the Kingdom or outside. The update email messages will be sent to the registered user as soon as there is a new update.

  • What are Consultations? Can I participate in a consultation? How can I send my opinion to TRA about Consultation?

    In accordance with section 3(f) of the Telecommunications Law, TRA shall, when determining to take measures that will have a material effect on a particular telecommunications market, offer interested parties the opportunity to give their opinions as to such measures within a reasonable period of time. Accordingly, TRA gives notice that is has initiated a consultation process, during which interested parties can submit their input regarding the matters listed further down. Copies of the consultation papers can be viewed by visiting TRA's website ( ). Like all publications issued by the TRA, the consultation papers are available in large fonts and Braille upon request.

  • How do I get a particular number for my own use? How can I get a special GSM number?

    TRA allocates numbers to telecommunications service providers in blocks. It does not allocate numbers to individual users. If you wish to obtain a special number, please contact your service provider.

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