TRA Annual Report 2015

2015 FOCUS



The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has been shaped by 14 years of prudent regulation combined with a customer-focused orientation. The telecommunications market in Bahrain necessitated an entity that would lead, regulate and inspire the telecoms sector. This need resulted in the evolution of the TRA and the adoption of a newfound approach to the telecommunications industry. Over the years, the TRA enabled healthy competition in the local telecommunications market and empowered consumers with greater choice and a generous array of services. Moreover, the focus has been, and shall continue to be, on the consumers. Listening carefully to their complaints and trying to resolve them has been a primary role of the Authority and indeed, 2015 attests to the TRA’s dynamic efforts to follow such a customer-focused direction.

The TRA has always valued consumer loyalty and trust. Consequently, two surveys were conducted to measure the satisfaction of consumers (both individuals and businesses); namely the ‘Telecommunications Markets Survey’ and the ‘Consumer Experience Survey’. These surveys provided useful insight regarding consumer knowledge and needs; thus supplying the Authority with valuable information regarding its customers.

In respecting the importance of the end user and in trying to establish a means of dialogue that encouraged active participation, the TRA promoted security and safety from both the legal and moral standpoints. This necessitated the TRA monitoring any violations from service providers, and relatedly, the year saw the issuance of an Emergency Order against mobile operators. Conversely, many initiatives and studies aimed at spreading awareness regarding cyber safety and security were promoted to highlight the dangers to consumers.

In 2015, the TRA also reaped the success of its endeavours when it was proclaimed the best regulator of year for the 10th edition of the annual CommsMEA Awards. This award, won by the TRA in Bahrain for the 5th time, acknowledged the regulator’s accomplishments in cultivating an environment in which the telecommunications sector across Bahrain was able to flourish.

The TRA’s policies and regulatory practices during the year applied both disciplinary measures and yet ensured a healthier and more competitive environment, this resulted in 2015 indicators displaying notable growth. The revenues also denoted growth from the previous year without sacrificing the affordability of services provided to consumers. In summary, the year helped solidify a customer-oriented market and made a significant contribution to the Kingdom’s economy, all while securing the TRA’s pioneering position.