The year proved to be significant for providing the TRA with abundant challenges and the Authority’s role in tackling such challenges proved equally notable. Upon reflection, the past year was one where the telecoms sector demonstrated resilience – meeting the ever-growing demands of consumers with progress and innovation.

It was a source of pleasure to witness the expansion of the TRA’s position and the public becoming more willing than ever to reach out to us when in need. Given that our goal has always been to deliver optimum service to customers, the TRA provided effective and rapid assistance to the community, helping resolve telecom-related issues in a smooth and prompt manner. Sector revenues and subscriptions continued to climb as evidence of the breadth of opportunities were realised in an evolving market.

It was of enormous pride to have the TRA’s approach recognised by CommsMEA, which named the TRA ‘Regulator of the Year’ for the 5th time. This wouldn’t have been possible without the TRA’s objectives and initiatives, which were based on our FOCUSED Strategy. Such a strategy followed a framework that guided every directorate toward conducting meaningful initiatives that provided value to the Authority and to our stakeholders.

Moreover, the year proved even more fruitful given that the TRA acted as the spearhead of the GCC Roaming Working Group, leading to phenomenal value for both the Kingdom and GCC at large. Furthermore, the TRA’s consumer support system was revamped, ensuring timely and dependable services to customers.

The TRA also conducted the National Internet Safety Review Study in collaboration with international experts. It proved to be a pivotal initiative that provided us with important insight into the state of Internet safety in the Kingdom. Insight that will not only benefit the public, but will also help us understand the focal points for future awareness initiatives. We’re confident that this study will also drive local leaders in the public and private sector to evaluate their own Internet safety initiatives.

Given our recognition of the importance of internal corporate culture, we decided to undertake cultivating a culture where leadership and camaraderie co-exist. Hence, the Culture Transformation Committee was formed from our entrusted staff. This committee was established to shoulder the responsibility to herald change and support the value we place on excellence.

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to the directors and members of the TRA. Their steadfast commitment, integrity and fortitude shone through brilliantly this year in the face of challenging goals. Our environment cultivates and values distinction in leadership and it gives me pride to see how all of our staff carried their duties admirably.

Mohamed Hamad Bubashait

General Director