The TRA has pledged through its Vision to create a communications environment that enriches the social and commercial fabric of Bahrain. Such a vision was clearly reflected in the achievements of 2015, which witnessed out-of-the-box ideas and endeavours with each month having its share of achievements.

The most significant achievement of the year came as a result of the TRA’s sincere and dedicated efforts. Namely, Bahrain topped the Arab world in developing ICT sector. Bahrain was awarded the top rank in the Arab world for information and communications technology (ICT) development by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The Kingdom ranks 27th globally and was awarded for achieving the greatest development and growth globally in ICT indicators between 2010 and 2015.

Notably, the TRA was announced as the best regulator of the year in the 10th edition of the annual CommsMEA Awards. This award, won by the TRA Bahrain for the 5th time, comes in recognition of the regulator’s accomplishments in cultivating an environment in which the telecommunications sector across Bahrain has been able to flourish.

In the forthcoming section, the TRA’s highlights and achievements are enlisted in a monthly format.


TRA presented its strategy that focused on delivering its vision and achievements to an international delegation, representing 21 countries.


  • TRA released the results of the telecommunications survey among business users. A survey that examined the access to and usage of different telecommunications services including fixed lines, mobile phones and internet services.
  • TRA developed a first-of-its-kind 3D animation in Bahrain in honour of Safer Internet Day educating young people and their guardians on the dangers of sharing personal information with strangers on the internet.
  • TRA published a public consultation on Prepaid Telecommunications Services Registration Regulations.


  • TRA published a public consultation on the Code of Practice for the Handling of Consumer Complaints by telecommunications service providers.
  • TRA completed a study with the aim of identifying key measures and mechanisms for improving the security and reliability of critical telecommunications infrastructures.
  • TRA’s team was received by the Indian Embassy upon notification of complaints regarding identity theft.
  • TRA participated in the Bahrain IT Expo 2015 as part of the 8th Bahrain International E-government Forum 2015.


  • TRA held a workshop on the “Impact of Globalisation of Telecom on Regulatory Activities”.
  • TRA began an investigation of 12 complaints regarding mobile international roaming bills, which alarmed consumers that represented a total value of around 30,000 Bahraini Dinars.
  • TRA issued a public consultation document on the draft regulation for a new approval regime for the importation and use of Telecommunications Equipment.
  • TRA took the first steps towards an initiative to transform to a culture of excellence.
  • TRA announced the publication of a second public consultation on the SIM-Card Enabled Telecommunications Services Registration Regulation.
  • TRA conducted a comprehensive review of its Schedule of Fees issued in 2010.
  • TRA participated in the Career Day Exhibition organised by AlAhlia University.


  • TRA held a 3-day training course on “Self Awareness” for members of staff.
  • TRA sponsored the 2015 Imagine Cup Arab Competition.
  • TRA celebrated World Telecoms Day; highlighting the importance of communication in our lives.
  • TRA held a workshop on “Turning Bahrain into a Smart Digital Hub”.
  • TRA sponsored the “Technology, Media & Marketing Success” conference.
  • TRA participated in the First Technology Expo organised by Al-Iman School.


  • TRA was honoured at the closing ceremony of Imagine Cup Pan Arab 2015.
  • TRA held a workshop on the topic of “Regulatory Drafting”.
  • TRA published a Determination Paper on the Code of Practice for the Handling of Consumer Complaints by service providers.
  • TRA issued a consultation paper on its updated National Numbering Plan.


  • TRA held a 2-day training course for the Authority’s staff on Information Security Awareness.
  • TRA carried out the annual medical checkup for the TRA staff.


  • TRA issued its final report on its strategic market review of the telecommunications sector.
  • TRA issued a public consultation document on Revenue Reporting Regulation.


  • TRA received delegates from the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority) from Kuwait.
  • TRA Board of Directors held their second meeting of 2015.
  • TRA held a workshop on “Culture Transformation”.
  • TRA heads Bahrain’s delegation to US-GCC Cyber Security Strategic Cooperation Forum.
  • TRA held its Staff Forum, where the TRA members of staff openly discussed the progress of ongoing projects and shared in the year’s achievements.


  • TRA published a public consultation entitled “Regulation on Roaming on Public Mobile Communications Networks”.
  • TRA held a workshop on “Remedies for Non-Price Discrimination, their application in the UK broadband market and their effect on investment decisions”.
  • TRA issued an Emergency Order over the degradation of VOIP applications by the three public licensed mobile operators.


  • TRA held a meeting with an official delegation from the Ministry of Transportation & Telecommunications.
  • TRA’s Board of Directors held their third meeting in 2015.


  • TRA released its latest retail price benchmark study of telecommunications services in Arab countries.
  • TRA announced that roaming users in Bahrain will soon be able to benefit from lower GCC roaming prices for voice, SMS and mobile data as the Ministerial Committee for Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology adopted GCC roaming price caps.
  • TRA started an awareness campaign on its support services to consumers to educate them as to how and when to approach the TRA to resolve their telecommunications issues.
  • TRA announced successfully passing the Re-Certification Audit against ISO 9001:2008 Standard.
  • TRA issued regulation on the SIM-card enabled telecommunications services registration.