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The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) has an integrated complaint and inquiry management system in order to maintain effective communication between TRA, consumers and the telecommunications service providers.

The system includes a consumer portal where consumers can easily log in and submit details of their complaint and supporting documents.

The system also provides faster options for registration via email (Gmail) or Facebook account, as all complaint and inquiry processes are managed through this portal besides the automized connection between TRA and the services providers.

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A series of common questions and answers for consumers are answered here. Before making complaints or [...]

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TRA urges all consumers to pursue its ongoing awareness campaigns and directly communicate through its Consumer Call Center (81188) for more information & inquiries about the request for dispute resolution process.

How to resolve issues with your telecom provider?

Contacting your provider

If you have an issue with your service provider, be it about billing, quality of connection or service, etc. the first thing you should do is contact them and try to resolve the issue directly. You may contact them, either by writing to them or calling their contact center.

  • If you write to your provider, ensure your letter contains:
    • Your full name, a contact number and the line number that has the fault or issue (if it is not the same as your contact number).
    • An explanation of the issue you are facing. Provide details such as when it first started and what actions you have taken already to fix it. Provide as much information as you can.
    • Provide copies of any relevant documents and save all correspondence between you and your service provider.
    • Always request a reference number for your case.
  • Request that they give you a date by when they expect to provide initial feedback or a resolution to your issue.
  • Manage your complaint with your service provider directly.

Getting in touch with us

If you have completed the aforementioned steps with your service provider and you are not satisfied with the outcome, or more than 60 days have passed since you submitted your complaint and it has not been resolved yet, you should contact the TRA and we will be ready to offer you the help you need.

You may contact us:

What we need to know?

To ensure we give your complaint the best possible care, please provide us with the following:

  • A clear description of the complaint you faced and your expectations
  • Copies of all the correspondence between you and your service provider and if you have it, your complaint reference number
  • A copy of your ID, so we can confirm you are the service subscriber concerned in the complaint
  • Your full name and appropriate contact details, including your telephone number, in case we need to get in touch with you

What will happen next?

  • We will confirm your issue has been received and provide you with a reference number of your case
  • We will then investigate the issue with your service provider; we will disclose all the documents in relation to your complaint with your service provider
  • If required, we will be in touch to request more details on the issue you are facing
  • Once we have a resolution to discuss, we will be in touch with you regarding possible outcomes
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