Apply for Type Approval

In accordance with the Law, all telecom equipment imported into the Bahrain shall be subject to the Type Approval Regulation before it is made readily available in the local market.

TRA Achievements

All Type approval applicants must be local commercially registered companies and follow the below process:

Step 01Supplier/Dealer Registration

  • Create a profile for your company through 'Online Portal' (first time only).
  • TRA review the profile registration request and communicate with the applicant for any missing document or information.
  • TRA Approve the profile & the applicant may start using the Online Portal.
  • Frequencies User Manual Self & Entity
  • Applicant may start the Type Approval Process below.

Step 02Submit your request to TRA

The appropriate application type must be selected from online portal using the form provided by the authority.

Type Approval applications must be submitted through 'Online Portal'.

Required Documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Valid Declaration of Conformity*** [ℹ] Certificate with a list of standards (Safety, EMC & Radio) (ITU, ISO, ETSI, etc.) the equipment is conforming.*
  3. Technical Datasheet*
  4. Type Approval Certificate issued from another countries
  5. Electromagnetic Compatibility Report
  6. Safety Test Report
  7. Radio Test Report

System will generate a reference upon submitting the application.

A document in which a Supplier provides written assurance from the manufacture (in accordance with ISO/IEC 17050-1:2004) that the Telecommunications Equipment conforms to the technical requirements provided in this Regulation and the Standards, if any.

Step 03Fees of Issue / Modify and Renew Type Approval Applications

Type of Device Application Fee Renewal Fee Modification Fee
Telecommunications Equipment BD 100 BD 10 BD 80
Terminal Devices** BD 50 BD 10 BD 40
Short Range Devices BD 50 BD 10 BD 40
  • The Modification Fee is charged in the event of any change made to an existing Equipment Approval within the applicable period.
  • The Renewal Fee is charged in the event if Equipment Approval needs to be renewed without any changes in equipment characteristics for new period.

Step 04For Telecommunication Equipment a maximum of 14 working days.

Step 05TRA shall issue the approval/rejection and notify the applicant accordingly.

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