Key Messages

  • TRA Creates Value; Positioning Telecommunications as a Pillar of Social and Economic Growth for the Kingdom.
  • TRA fully supports the Third National Telecoms Plan; converting Bahrain into a fully ‘digital economy’ by addressing areas of disadvantage such as international supply, digital security and barriers to entry.
  • TRA believes in developing the workforce and industry at large; over the past 10 years, 2,600 jobs were created (a 50% increase) and the industry has accounted to 4% of the GDP.
  • TRA aims to ensure that the communications environment in the Kingdom of Bahrain will meet consumer expectations - in return will support both the economic development and social advancement of the Kingdom.
  • TRA will ensure the efficient installation of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in order to avoid any inefficient duplication of existing networks.
  • TRA listens and responds to consumers, providing them with a service that meets their expectations.
  • TRA believes in ‘best value for money’ and has insured that the regulatory environment is one that stimulates competition; which in return has led to a tariff reduction of an average of 25%.
  • Within the framework of close cooperation with the GCC countries, the TRA has reduced the prices of international roaming services and will continue to reduce these prices further each year until the year 2020.
  • Bahrain was the first country in the MENA region to introduce the Fixed Number Portability; in 2011, 22,000 consumers switched providers.
  • TRA strives to provide a ‘safe’ experience for broadband consumers and has launched the SafeSurf campaign. TRA Leverages the Best Technology and Regulation to Deliver a Competitive and Innovative Industry.
  • TRA is constantly reviewing its regulations and framework based on a number of principles including consumer protection & fostering competition. Initiatives include increased level of assurance on regulatory accounts and restrictions on bulk messages.
  • TRA is continuously studying and researching global trends and processes; including the international supply market, to develop the telecommunications sector.
  • TRA developed the Radio Communications Consultative Committee; in order to discuss, regulate and manage spectrum related issues.
  • TRA believes that the telecommunications sector can ‘no longer operate in isolation’; focusing on building the ‘next generation of networks’ infrastructure.
  • TRA Improves Consumer Lifestyle.
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