Corporate Social Responsibility

As It is in the nature of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to dedicate itself to the needs of the general public, especially in fulfilling the role of protecting telecommunications consumers; The TRA equally weighs the importance of contributing to Bahrain’s community.

In 2010 The TRA launched the Online Safety Initiative, better known today as SafeSurf. The first state of the nation review provides a comprehensive analysis of internet safety issues amongst adults and children, and sets out recommendations to ensure the safety of young people and adults navigating the information highway.

It became clear to us the need to educate others on ‎these risks and benefits, and as such, was launched alongside various campaigns. The website aims to serve the general public with knowledge and tutorials on how to navigate the internet safely, and the precautions one can take to prevent themselves from being exposed to possible threats. People can also benefit from regular updates and resources such as useful links to further their benefit, as well as share their experiences to benefit others. The immediate future of Safe Surf calls for a renewed State of the Nation Review in 2014.

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