Position Papers & Guidelines

Position Papers & Guidelines    
Settlement Guidelines

September 26, 2023 Download
Guidelines for Licensing Procedures of Maritime Radiocommunications Stations

May 31, 2023 Download
Position Paper issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority on the Internet of Things

February 27, 2023 Download
Telecom Emergency Response Plan

May 22, 2022 Download
Separation of Batelco: A Report on Asset Allocation, Asset Valuation, Asset Transfer, Asset Lease Agreements, and Transitional Services Agreements

August 23, 2021 Download
Adoption Procedure of Telecommunications Infrastructure for Private Infrastructure Developers

July 04, 2021 Download
Position Paper issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority on the Licensing Approach to Internet Protocol (“IP”) Based Voice and Messaging Services in the Kingdom of Bahrain

January 20, 2021 Download
Position Paper on the Principles for the costing methodology for services supplied by the National Broadband Network of the Kingdom of Bahrain

January 06, 2021 Download
Position Paper issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority on the treatment of intra-group revenues in relation to licence fees

September 06, 2020 Download
Guidelines for In-Building Telecommunications Access Facilities

March 26, 2020 Download
Regime for Monitoring of Separation of Batelco and NBN Compliance Guidelines

August 06, 2018 Download
Separation of Batelco Guidelines

August 06, 2018 Download
Public Notice on assignment of frequencies to Fixed Wireless Access systems in 28 GHz band

June 11, 2018 Download
Report on the New Telecommunications Economic Regulatory Framework for the Kingdom of Bahrain

April 15, 2018 Download
Position Paper on Regulating Fixed Point to Point Links (Public)

December 25, 2017 Download
Consultation Report on the draft Position Paper on the Regulation of Fixed Point to Point Links (Public)

December 25, 2017 Download
Traffic Management and Pricing Practices Guidelines

December 04, 2017 Download
Position Paper on How TRA Consults

October 17, 2017 Download
Position Paper on Internet and Online Applications

October 06, 2016 Download

January 07, 2016 Download
Guidelines issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority on the adoption of emergency orders

to provide guidance on the circumstances under which the TelecommunicationsRegulatory Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain will consider whether it might be appropriate totake urgent action in the form of emergency orders, and to provide guidance on the procedureand process to be followed by complainants when urgent action is sought for.

October 08, 2015 Download
Final Strategic Market Review Report - Future Ex-Ante Market Regulation and Other Regulatory Measures to Foster a Dynamic Sector Development

Purpose: To holistically review relevant markets currently susceptible to ex-ante regulation in Bahrain, and to propose changes when justified to the list of markets susceptible to ex-ante regulation, as well as to propose other regulatory measures that would foster a dynamic sector development

August 31, 2015 Download
Dispute Resolution Guidelines

August 25, 2014 Download
Guidelines for the Setting of the Amount of a Fine for Violations of Articles 35 and/or 65 of the Telecommunications Law

March 16, 2014 Download
Bottom-up Cost Models Position Paper

October 19, 2011 Download
Competition Guidelines

Purpose: to provide guidance on how TRA will define relevant markets, assess competition in the telecommunications sector and anti-competitive conduct as well as to set the process and template for lodging a complaint for anti-competitive conduct.

February 18, 2010 Download
Retail Tariff Notification Guidelines

February 18, 2010 Download
Competition Guidelines

February 18, 2010 Download
Position Paper on the Regulation of Mobile Termination Services

Purpose: to define the position of TRA on the regulation of mobile termination services.

February 01, 2010 Download
Position Paper on Mobile Terminations Rates

February 01, 2010 Download
Call Shop Procedure

Call shops reseller agreement - Procedure Effective from 15 November 2009.

November 15, 2009 Download
New Call Shops Procedure

November 15, 2009 Download
The Guidelines for Telecommunications Infrastructure Deployment

December 01, 2008 Download
Position Paper on Price and Non-Price Discrimination

September 10, 2007 Download
Guidance Paper on TRA Treatment of Confidential and Non-Confidential Information

September 10, 2007 Download
Updated Position Paper on VoIP

May 30, 2007 Download
Guidelines on Internet Shops

May 30, 2007 Download
Position Paper on VoIP

April 17, 2004 Download
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