Focused Strategy

With the aim of achieving its mission and vision objectives, as well as ensuring it is moving in the right direction, TRA has designed a Focused Strategy Framework, which outlines the Authority’s guidelines to create a communications environment that enriches the social and commercial fabric of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

TRA will ensure its plans and initiatives are consistently implemented in line with the following strategic points:

Foster Competition
Initiatives and effective regulation that foster the continued growth and development of the telecommunication sector by way of effective and fair competition.

Optimised Technologies
Initiatives that encourage the adoption, deployment, and optimization of the latest technologies that support the growth of the market and deliver higher quality of services to consumers.

Consumer Empowerment
Initiatives that provide knowledge and tools to empower the consumers and enrich their experience of the telecommunications services and to allow them to make well-informed decisions.

Ubiquitous Broadband
Initiatives undertaken to ensure that broadband services of high quality and competitive prices are available to all local stakeholders.

Security And Cyber Safety
Initiatives that support a safe and secure telecommunications infrastructure to deliver highly reliable Electronic Communication Services.

Efficient Regulator
Initiatives that adapt, enhance, and update the framework, processes and tools used by the Authority in the implementation of its duties.

Dynamic & Effective Regulatory Framework
Initiatives undertaken to adapt regulations over time, with the aim of continuously reviewing, updating, and improving the telecommunication regulatory framework, and maintaining proportionate focus where necessary.

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