Licence Awards by Market Mechanisms

The Board of Directors of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) approved on 6 July 2006 to conduct auctions for the award of the Fixed Wireless Access licenses. The decision was made on the 25th meeting of the Board of Directors of the TRA.

TRA Achievements

National Fixed Wireless Services (NFWS) Licenses Auction

The Board of Directors of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) approved on 6 July 2006 to conduct auctions for the award of the Fixed Wireless Access licenses. The decision was made on the 25th meeting of the Board of Directors of the TRA.

The two frequency licenses to be granted with the NFWS licenses authorize use of the following spectrum:

  • Frequency License I: 3410 MHz – 3455 MHz paired with 3500 MHz – 3545 MHz
  • Frequency License II: 3455 MHz – 3500 MHz paired with 3545 MHz – 3590 MHz

Auction time table

Item Provisional dates & times where applicable
Deadline for receipt of questions on the ITT.
Parties must submit Registration Documentation in order to ask questions
17.00, October 19, 2006
Latest date by which the TRA will respond to questions on the ITT. November 7, 2006
Deadline for the receipt of Bids and for the TRA to announce the composition of the panel of external experts. 14.30, November 28, 2006
Evaluation of Qualification Documentation. TRA to inform Qualified Bidders that their Financial Bids will be considered. November 29 – December 11, 2006
Publication of list of Bidders and their Associates. November 30, 2006
Notification of any Material Interest in an Opposing Party or confirmation from Bidders that they do not have such a Material Interest. 17.00, December 4, 2006
TRA to open Financial Bids. 11.00, December 13, 2006
Deadline for receipt of evidence of incorporation of Bidder, if required, and payment of required fee January 7, 2007
NFWS and Frequency Licenses granted by the TRA. January 8, 2007

Relevant Documents

Panel Members

The panel members are responsible for re-evaluating unsuccessful bids at the forthcoming auction of two National Fixed Wireless Services (NFWS) Licenses. The members (in alphabetical order) will be:

A lawyer specializing in competition and communications law. He is a partner at the Brussels office of the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, and has served as an external counsel to the Communications Unit at DG Competition for three years (1999 – 2002).
Mr. Peter Alexiadis
An economist specialsing in telecommunications. He is director at NERA Economic Consulting and in the past he was the head of regulatory economics and competition policy in British Telecom.
Mr. Nigel Attenborough
An engineer specializing in Telecommunications. He is an expert in regulation with over 34 years experience in the telecommunications industry among which he served ten years as the Director of Technology at Oftel/OFCOM
Mr. Peter Walker

GSM 1800 Guard Band Frequency Licence Auction process

To view the questions and answer on the Invitation to Tender document Click here.

  • To view the amendments document to the Invitation to Tender click here
  • To view the questions and answer on the Invitation to Tender document click here

3rd Mobile Invitation to Tender Clarifications:

  • TRA has received a number of questions regarding the ability of bidders to meet the pre-qualification criteria in cases where the bidder is either a partnership or consortium. In order to assist potential; Bidder to draw together the appropriate pre-requisite experience TRA considers it important that these clarifications are made available in advance of the registration and question submission closing dates. In the event that the bidder is a partnership, will fulfilment of the pre-qualification criteria be pro-rated depending on the shareholding of each partner (e.g. in the case of the condition of have 10 million subscribers)?
  • In the event that the bidder is a partnership/consortium, then overall the partnership/consortium must meet all of the pre-qualification criteria. Would a reputable vendor with international operating outsourcing arrangements to service subscribers indirectly qualify for the pre-qualification criterion of possessing 10 million subscribers?
  • The pre-qualification criterion with regards to having at least 10 million subscribers worldwide refers to an operator’s subscribers not to subscribers using a particular vendor’s equipment, network or system. The relationship must be a direct relationship between the subscriber and the operator. In the event that the bidder is a partnership where one partner meets all or most of the pre-qualification criteria, what is the minimum acceptable qualifying shareholding of that partner?
  • There is no minimum shareholding interest that must be met by a partner in the partnership or member of a consortium. In cases where the partner or consortium member holding the required qualifications equity is minimal it will be incumbent on the bidder to demonstrate through the technical submission that the requisite level of knowledge, expertise and capabilities will be made available to the operating company.

Second Mobile License Selection and Award

The Mobile License Application process began in January 2003. The purpose was to establish the second mobile operator on the basis of a schedule that complies with the Law. This is a summary of the process:

Event Date in 2003
Invitation to Apply 1 January
Application Questions deadline 22 February
Submission of Application 5 March
Shortlist of Applicants 26 March
Issue of license to the successful Applicant 22 April

On 26 March 2003, the TRA announced the short listed applicants for the second mobile license in Bahrain. The award was announced on 20 April 2003 and the granted license was published on 22 April 2003. Details can be found in Public Notices on the Publications page.

The following documents are available:

  • The Opportunity for a Second Mobile Telecommunications Operator in the Kingdom of Bahrain, 31 December 2002. View
  • Invitation to Apply for the Second Mobile Telecommunications license and Frequency license in the Kingdom of Bahrain, 1st January 2003.View
  • Mobile license Granted. On 22 April 2003, the TRA granted a mobile telecommunications license to MTC Vodafone (Bahrain) BSC (c). View

The related Telecommunications Law can be found on the Main Instruments page. Mapping material and associated data may be obtained from Geomatec, a public sector body owned by the Bahrain Centre of Studies and Research, which operates on a commercial basis, at telephone +973 17 540059, fax +973 17 531318.

See the FAQ for answers to questions received from interested parties and a Position Paper on the Rights and Capabilities of the Second Mobile Operator with respect to International Services and External Connections. The FAQ includes the Excel spreadsheet 'Mobile ITA Annex'.

Mobile licence Award,CCA DC 020. On 20 April 2003, the TRA announced the award of the second mobile licence in Bahrain.

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