Key Messages

- TRA Creates Value; Positioning Telecommunications as a Pillar of Social and Economic Growth for the Kingdom.

- TRA fully supports the Third National Telecoms Plan; converting Bahrain into a fully ‘digital economy’ by addressing areas of disadvantage such as international supply, digital security and barriers to entry.

- TRA believes in developing the workforce and industry at large; over the past 10 years, 2,600 jobs were created (a 50% increase) and the industry has accounted to 4% of the GDP.

- TRA aims to ensure that the communications environment in the Kingdom of Bahrain will meet consumer expectations - in return will support both the economic development and social advancement of the Kingdom.

- TRA will ensure the efficient installation of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in order to avoid any inefficient duplication of existing networks.

- TRA listens and responds to consumers, providing them with a service that meets their expectations.

- TRA believes in ‘best value for money’ and has insured that the regulatory environment is one that stimulates competition; which in return has led to a tariff reduction of an average of 25%.

- Following negotiations with GCC nations, TRA introduced a cap on mobile roaming charges in the region.

- Bahrain was the first country in the MENA region to introduce the Fixed Number Portability; in 2011, 22,000 consumers switched providers.

- TRA strives to provide a ‘safe’ experience for broadband consumers and has launched the SafeSurf campaign. TRA Leverages the Best Technology and Regulation to Deliver a Competitive and Innovative Industry

- TRA is constantly reviewing its regulations and framework based on a number of principles including consumer protection & fostering competition. Initiatives include increased level of assurance on regulatory accounts and restrictions on bulk messages.

- TRA is continuously studying and researching global trends and processes; including the international supply market, to develop the telecommunications sector.

- TRA developed the Radio Communications Consultative Committee; in order to discuss, regulate and manage spectrum related issues.

- TRA believes that the telecommunications sector can ‘no longer operate in isolation’; focusing on building the ‘next generation of networks’ infrastructure.

- TRA Improves Consumer Lifestyle

TRA's 2017 Annual Report

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