Awareness campaigns

The TRA believes that awareness of consumers with respect to their rights and obligations is one of the vital tools to protect consumers and make the best out of the telecommunications services they subscribed for.

In order to create awareness among consumers, the TRA initiates awareness campaigns that interact directly with the consumer and better enhance their knowledge about telecommunications a liberalized sector.

  • Your SIM Your Responsibility

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    Mobile subscribers face serious legal and financial risks by exposing themselves to the dangers associated with losing track of their SIM Cards or giving them away to others. “Your SIM, Your Responsibility” is the latest campaign by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to counter this problem by raising awareness to highlight the importance of each person’s role in protecting their own SIM Cards.

    SIM Card misuse or fraud can affect you in many ways, for example:

    • Any criminal act committed using a SIM card registered in your name, will make you legally accountable for the criminal act (ex. scams)
    • Losing track of your SIM Cards may lead to unexpected phone bills generated from a lost or misplaced SIM Card, which may in use by another person.

    To avoid any legal or financial risks from occurring please take the following tips seriously:

    • Find out the number of SIM cards registered in your name: Start with contacting your mobile service provider and request for all the numbers associated with your Personal Identification Number.
    • Take control: If you identify an unknown SIM number under your name, report it to your service provider and request to suspend the service on that SIM card immediately.
    • Transfer ownership: If someone you trust is using a SIM card in your name, it is recommended that you transfer the ownership of the SIM card to that person of age 16 and above.
    • Set Bill Limits: Set a bill limit for each SIM card registered in your name. This will prevent you from having any future financial obligations.
    • Limit number of SIM cards: Having many SIM cards in your name increases the possibility of SIM card risks. Thus, be sure you cancel the SIM card(s) you stopped using.
    • Protect your identity: Avoid sharing your personal identification documents with people you do not trust to prevent identity theft. Those documents include your passport, Personal Identification Number, Smart Card, and any other documents containing your personal information. Like your SIM card, they must be kept safe at all times.
    • For more information: Contact TRA Call Center at 81188. By following the tips you are preventing your involvement in any possible SIM card misuse.
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