In cooperation with the Mobile Network Operators TRA announces unified free number to reduce spam messages

04 Mar 2019

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) introduced a unified free number (88444) to reduce spam messages in cooperation with the mobile network operators, by either blocking the messages through sending the word “Block” followed by a space and then the “Sender ID” or resuming the messages by sending “Unblock” followed by a space and then the “Sender ID”. 

"TRA recognizes the importance of addressing this issue with the increasing and evolving communication and advertising technologies for e-marketing. This number is an additional step in unifying efforts to protect the privacy of individuals from spam messages” said TRA Acting General Director Sh. Nasser Bin Mohamed Al Khalifa. 

TRA urges all organizations using the bulk messaging service to ensure that their contracted service provider complies with the Bulk Messaging Regulation issued by Resolution No. (3) of 2015. One of the obligations includes that consumers, who have expressly consented, can receive solicited bulk messages in the appropriate time between the hours of 09:00am and 08:00pm according to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s timing. 

TRA also notes that there is a technical feature in the settings of some smart phones to block spam messages, which enables consumers to stop notifications of messages from the sender in their phones and archive them immediately. Consumers can contact their service provider or refer to the help manual to adjust their phone settings in this regard. 

TRA urges all consumers to beware from providing their direct numbers for marketing and to read through the terms and conditions set by all the places that require to provide them with their direct numbers. TRA strongly advises consumers to communicate with the sender to opt them out or block them through using the unified number 88444 and follow the steps herein. 

TRA urges consumers to report any complaint regarding this matter by directly contacting the Consumer Contact Center: 81188 or visiting the Consumer Portal on TRA’s website.

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