TRA facilitates mobile operators’ move towards the National Telecommunications Plan vision for a single network for the Kingdom of Bahrain

21 Oct 2017

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) Bahrain chaired a key meeting with Batelco, Viva, and Zain on Thursday, the 19th of October to discuss the development of technical solutions between Batelco and the mobile operators that will allow consumers to benefit from better quality mobile services.

The TRA is developing a new economic regulatory framework to support and promote the Fourth National Telecommunications Plan, by defining the rules and obligations for operators to support the Plan’s goals and deliver the single network policy.

TRA recognizes that there is a transitional period prior to the finalization of the economic regulatory framework, during which Batelco will continue to supply wholesale services to mobile operators. The Authority, therefore, wishes to ensure that during this period Batelco’s wholesale products and services meet mobile network operators’ reasonable business requirements.

TRA therefore invited mobile operators along with Batelco to its headquarters to discuss the way forward, to understand mobile operators short term technical goals related to network development, and to ensure that consumers are provided with better quality services during the period prior to the finalization of the economic regulatory framework.

“The National Telecom Plan, which is revised every three years at the highest levels of government, is always a future focused approach geared towards improving the sector for all stakeholders. Delivering on government policies that fall under the plan is an essential priority for TRA, and the National Broadband Network is a huge pillar that will contribute to the fourth iteration.” Says Sh. Nasser bin Mohamed Al Khalifa, TRA Acting General Director. “This meeting was a productive step towards achieving that goal, and the next step for TRA is to finalize the upcoming economic regulatory framework which will support this key reform.” He added further.

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