TRA Hosts a Strategic Workshop on the Future of Mobile Markets in Collaboration with SAMENA Council

16 Oct 2016

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) held a one-day workshop for its staff members at its headquarters in Seef area on the mobile market competition, in collaboration with SAMENA Telecommunication Council, a regional telecoms industry association.


“TRA is very involved at the international level and collaborates with industry experts on discussions regarding the market’s future needs. Sharing perspectives with industry groups such as SAMENA Council is key to bridging the gap between regulatory and operator viewpoints, as SAMENA represents the voice of operators not only in Bahrain but also across the whole region” said TRA’s Deputy General Director, Sh. Nasser bin Mohamed Al Khalifa. He continued, “The workshop aimed to discuss what has been accomplished regionally and internationally. We have also discussed matters related to aspects the of future of mobile market competition, technologies and services from an operator standpoint and how the industry regionally  and internationally is dealing with digital services, big data, future technologies such as 5G and the use of mobile radio spectrum.”


The workshop aimed at familiarizing TRA staff with the industry’s international developments in the mobile market, focusing on services such as machine-to-machine communications, Smart Cities, and advances of telecommunications to support other sectors such as Finance, Education, Transportation, Health, and Energy. Future technologies and services such as 5G and the management of mobile radio spectrum were also discussed during the workshop.



Mr. Bocar BA, CEO of SAMENA Council stated that "This workshop provided an opportunity to understand the vision of TRA Bahrain and how its esteemed leadership views the TRA's transforming role in leading digital development both in Bahrain as well as in the SAMENA region. All stakeholders realize that potential exists to enable public and private telecom sectors to support each other by leveraging, combining and capitalizing on each other's complementary strengths and capabilities. The workshop between TRA Bahrain and SAMENA Council has set a new example of synergy created through constructive collaboration of both sectors.  SAMENA Council shall remain closely attentive to the TRA’s strategic needs and priorities, to further help bring private-sector perspectives to the regulatory sight, and shall continue to serve TRA Bahrain as a reliable sector development partner. We extend our thank-you to the TRA team for their warm welcome and collaboration with SAMENA Council."

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