TRA Consults on draft regulation to permit mobile base station

18 Oct 2016

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) issued last week a public consultation on draft regulation on permission, installation and maintenance of public radio communications stations, which details the necessary roles and processes for permitting mobile base stations as well as technical specifications for design and deployment.

“We want to deliver and enable future technologies which consider public safety and visual impact of masts.” Says TRA Technical Operations Director, Mr. Mohammed Al Noaimi. “Within this regulation, we have proposed a complaints procedure enabling consumers to raise complaints about any mast. Through the regulation, we aim to provide a time efficient process by having a single point of contact. We encourage members of the public and of the telecoms sector to provide us with their feedback on the regulation to ensure that their insights will be taken into account.” He added.

This draft regulation is an important step toward effective implementation of the Prime Ministerial Decision No. 45 of 2015, which appoints TRA as the responsible entity to receive applications and coordinate with other relevant bodies the grant of permits for deploying new public radio communications stations. It also allows TRA to establish an efficient and effective permission system, setting up a framework to classify and rectify existing public radio communications stations that do no hold valid permits, and encourage increased sharing practices and using environmentally friendly masts.


The draft regulation can be found through under consultations page.

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