TRA’s Consumer Call Center: 35% increase in Consumer Related Calls 99% of Calls were Resolved on First Call

29 Jul 2017

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s (TRA) consumer support role continued to improve in 2016 as efforts were ramped up to serve the public. “We undertake a number of consumer-centric operations and activities in favor of the consumer, taking into account the most immediate needs as the situation demands, year round.” Says Deputy General Director of TRA, Sh. Nasser Bin Mohamed Al Khalifa “We achieve this with a multi-tiered approach ranging from consistent communication channels, to awareness programs, following the Authority’s efforts to enhance the general public with consumer concerns topics in the Telecom Sector”. 

The heart of TRA’s consumer support efforts are in call center operations where consumers can approach the Authority with their concerns and complaints towards telecoms service providers operating in the Kingdom.  In 2016, The call center received a total of 5,280 calls compared to 3,407 in the previous year; a 35% leap attributed to higher awareness levels. 99% of calls were resolved on the spot, improving by a 4% margin compared to 2015. Response success rate were 98% improving by 2% from the previous year despite higher call volume. An exceptional service level was also achieved, maintaining at 94% between 2015 and 2016 despite a larger volume of callers.

Compared to 2015 the number of complaints jumped by 50% the next year, from 401 to 796. 93% of complaints were closed in 2016 compared to  (92%) in 2015. It reduced from an average of 18 days in 2015 to 15 days in 2016 to close complaints.

The highest, most frequent categories among complaints were network service performance (31%), billing and invoicing (23%) by the end of last year. Roaming, number portability, and contractual issues were also among the complaints received during 2016.

Various steps have been put into place by the TRA on how consumers can be approached to help them resolve telecommunication issues. Consumers are asked to call TRA ‘s Consumer Call Center on 81188, log-on to the Consumer Portal on, or send an email via when they are unable to resolve their issues with their Service Providers.

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