TRA announces : “any changes in the new mobile packages are made by mobile providers in a competitive market”

31 Jul 2017

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has received several inquiries and complaints regarding the new mobile packages, and in response to this, TRA asserts that any changes recently made in retail services in the mobile market are based on decisions made by mobile providers due to the competition among them and in interaction with the market dynamics and changes in user requirements. TRA emphasizes that it has not issued any directions in this regard. 

TRA would also like to outline that the mobile market in the Kingdom of Bahrain is highly competitive and that ex ante regulation of retail services in this market has been removed according to TRA’s Determination on Significant Market Power Designation which was published in 2008. The removal of ex ante regulation for this sector came following TRA’s announcement of introducing a third mobile operator in the same year. 

“The mobile market in Bahrain has seen a significant development since the introduction of the third mobile operator and the removal of the ex ante regulation of mobile retail services.”. Says TRA’s Manager of Consumer Affairs, Mariam Almannai. “The latest market indicators issued by TRA show that telecoms service prices have fallen by 73% between 2008 and 2016 and the number of mobile subscriptions has doubled to 3 million subscriptions in the end of 2016. Mobile penetration has reached 213% at the end of the same year. The indicators show how the decisions taken by TRA are effective in enhancing competition and meeting the needs of subscribers and users in this market”. She added.

Almannai also stated “As part of its mission to maintain the interests of subscribers and promote competition, TRA continuously monitors the ongoing developments in the Kingdom's telecommunications market and takes the necessary measures to protect the interests of subscribers and users and promote and ensure continued fair and effective competition between telecommunications providers. This is undertaken through conducting its tasks stipulated in the Telecommunications Law and implementing several key initiatives for the benefit of consumers.” 

TRA, in implementing the objectives of the Fourth National Telecommunications Plan (NTP4) is in process  of conducting a comprehensive strategic study of the mobile market. The study will help identify future developments, including technologies, market trends and business models. The study will also recommend a set of regulatory measures to ensure further strengthening of this vital and important sector in line with the objectives of the NTP4. 

TRA is also in the process of issuing new regulations aimed at protecting the interests of subscribers in general and establishing standard procedures for resolving disputes relating to  telecommunications services emerging between subscribers and telecommunications providers. 


TRA welcomes any comments and complaints from subscribers on any issue that would adversely affect their interests and competition between telecommunications providers on TRA ‘s Consumer Call Center 81188 and

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