TRA Holds Workshop in Preparation for 5G

23 Jul 2017

In preparation, for the upcoming 5th generation of mobile networks (5G) The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) published a position paper named “Fixed Point to Point links” in collaboration with relevant government authorities. Subsequently, TRA called for a workshop in the presence of telecommunications  operators,  relevant government entities and manufacturers of telecoms equipment in addition to number of the TRA employees to discuss the position paper and operators’ with regard to the 5th generation services which will facilitate the eminent deployment of 5G networks.

“One of TRA’s main strategic objects is to provide the appropriate technical environment for the evolvement of the telecommunications sector. The move comes through the publication of this position paper that is related to the Fixed Links which will enable telecoms companies in Bahrain to resiliently provide 5G services in tandem with the recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).” Says TRA Director of Technical Operations , Eng. Mohamed Alnoaimi. “We’ve held the workshop as a proactive move, anticipating Bahrain’s future needs. TRA opened the floor for the discussion to the operators, government entities and manufacturers to share their views and recommendations. The discussions were fruitful and helped TRA to articulate the initial roadmap of the 5G networks deployment in the Kingdom of Bahrain.” He added.


Eng. Mohamed also stated that “In light of the aforementioned preparation, the TRA sought to limit accepting applications for the fixed point to point links in the radio frequencies bands that are candidate bands identified by the ITU for the 5G networks. This was done to avoid the need to evacuate the frequency bands from additional services in addition to the existing once the allocation and approval is given by the (World Radiocommunications Conference -2019) for the specific frequency bands for 5G.” 

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