TRA launches new system for management of consumer complaints and inquiries

08 Dec 2018

The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched an integrated complaint and inquiry management system in order to maintain effective communication between TRA, consumers and the telecommunications service providers.

The system includes a consumer portal where consumers can easily log in and submit details of their complaint and supporting documents. The system also provides faster options for registration via email (Gmail) or Facebook account, as all complaint and inquiry processes are managed through this portal besides the automized connection between TRA and the services providers.

"This new system complements the series of consumer support initiatives, which enables them to submit a request for dispute resolution in the event that the service provider fails to provide the consumer with the appropriate solution. This is in line with the Consumer Dispute Regulation which is enforced this year. The system also enables consumers to provide their views on the resolutions provided by the service provider." Said TRA’s Acting General Director Sh. Nasser bin Mohamed Al Khalifa.

TRA’s Acting Manager of Consumer Affairs Mrs. Amna Alghatam said "One of TRA’s priorities is to expand communications channels and enhance the quality of services provided to consumers. This new system is a translation of the TRA's strategic objectives aimed at enabling consumers to continuously and effectively communicate with TRA."

TRA also held several training workshops for the service providers to explain the advantages of the new system. The workshops focused on the updated dispute submission mechanism, the new features of monitoring responses and updates according to specified period.

TRA urges all consumers to pursue its ongoing awareness campaigns and directly communicate with TRA through its Consumer Call Center: 81188 for more information and inquiries about the request for dispute resolution process.

TRA also urges consumers to view the Consumer Dispute Regulation to be aware of the procedures for the submission of a dispute settlement request and to benefit from this vital and effective system for submitting complaints and inquiries through the TRA’s website.

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