TRA nominated to represent the Arab Region within ITU-T Study Group 17 for Cyber Security

04 Dec 2018

The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) represented by its Cyber Security Directorate took part in the Regional Cybersecurity Week 2018 for the Arab Region organized by the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority of Kuwait (CITRA) from 21 – 25 October in Kuwait in cooperation with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)’s Arab Regional Office and the Arab Regional Cybersecurity Centre (ARCC).


During the Regional Cybersecurity Week, TRA was nominated to represent the Arab Region within the ITU-T Study Group 17 for Cyber Security which was mainly attended by delegates and representatives from Member States, Sector Members and Associates to the Study Group 17 in the region. TRA also participated in the 7th Regional Cybersecurity Summit that aims to address the best preventive strategies to counteract cyber threats and the 6th Regional Cyber Drill that aims to enhance communication and capacity building and boost emergency readiness and response to cyber threats and/or attacks.


ITU-T Study Group 17 coordinates security-related work across all ITU-T Study Groups. Often working in cooperation with other standards development organizations and various ICT industry consortia, SG17 deals with a broad range of standardization issues.


“The need and significance of Cybersecurity has become extremely essential and critical worldwide. TRA’s participation in such cyber security-related events promotes the Kingdom of Bahrain’s collaborative works towards global ICT security standards which conforms to the best practices of developing countries in the implementation of security standards.” said TRA’s Director of Technical and Operations Mr. Mohamed Alnoaimi.

“We were able to exchange information, ideas, solutions, and emerging practices that could improve cybersecurity posture, identify current priority areas in cybersecurity in Bahrain, explore and highlight new opportunities and controls within the security sector that enhance information security field.” Mr. Alnoaimi added.

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