Current Process

In the Kingdom of Bahrain where the majority of telecommunications equipment is imported, the approval process also facilitates customs clearance. A temporary case-by-case process is currently being operated whereby ‘compliance’ is granted if the equipment meets a specified set of requirements.

The successful completion of the compliance process will enable TRA to issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC) at an appropriate time to import the equipment. The NOC certificate must be presented to Customs Affairs.’

Grant of Compliance Letter Requirements:

  • Official letter requesting approval for using (Type of equipment, Model, Manufacturer).
  • Copy of Company Registration (CR).
  • Declaration of conformity with relevant European standards e.g. Safety EN 60950, EMC & Radio Directive
  • Technical Datasheet.

NOC requirements:

  • Official letter requesting importation of (Type of Equipment, Purpose of importation).
  • Copy of the Company Registration (CR).
  • Copy of the shipment invoice (Airway bill or bill of loading or truck bill).
  • Declaration of conformity which with relevant European standards e.g. Safety EN 60950, EMC & Radio Directive.
  • Technical Datasheet.
  • If the equipment operates at 2.4GHz or 5GHz, a copy of the light licence and an official letter is required declaring that the company will NOT operate the equipment in the band 5.47 to 5.725 GHz, which is not authorised for such use in the Kingdom.
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