Future Process

TRA is in the process of approving a new Type Approval and Importation Regulation concerning the approval of Telecommunications Equipment installed in or connected to a Public Telecommunications Network. However the Regulation will not be applicable to the Type Approval and importation of mobile terminals which are able to connect to the public network using a satellite link, which will continue to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The essential elements of the regulation will be:

  • Telecommunications Equipment imported, used, sold, offered for sale or connected in Bahrain shall comply with five technical requirements concerning frequency of operation, human exposure, EMC and interference requirements, efficient use of the spectrum and the provision of adequate network protection.
  • A list of equipment will be provided that can be imported personally for private use if the technical requirements are satisfied.
  • Approval by regulation of certain equipment intended to be used in a public telecommunications network.
  • Telecommunications Equipment not in the above categories shall be subject to the approval procedures defined in the Regulation.
  • Telecommunications Equipment imported for sale or use in Bahrain will be subject to approval prior to importation, therefore imported equipment other than for private use or equipment approved by the Regulation, will need to obtain Type Approval by the Authority before the equipment can be imported.
  • The Regulation will also address the requirements necessary to achieve the successful importation of Telecommunications Equipment.

The Regulation willbe addressed in the RCC forum and will then progress to formal Public Consultation.