Bahrain at the forefront of GCC countries releases spectrum for 5G Private Networks

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November 29,2022

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has made part of the C-Band spectrum available for 5G Private Networks, placing Bahrain at the forefront of GCC countries in enabling both private and public sectors to benefit from the latest technologies. The move is in line with the TRA’s commitment to realizing the ambitious goals outlined in its Workplan.

By being the first country in the GCC to lead this initiative, it will further cement the Kingdom’s reputation for leadership in the digital market, having already achieved 100% 5G commercial network coverage. In making the spectrum available, the TRA will ensure maximum flexibility while protecting existing systems and optimize both the short and long-term use of the spectrum.

TRA General Director Philip Marnick said: "The Kingdom of Bahrain remains one of the most well-connected places globally. Not only does 5G technology enable better mobile broadband for consumers, it also supports industrial applications. To ensure the Kingdom can take full advantage of the potential of wireless technology, the TRA is making spectrum available in the 3.8 to 4.2GHz band to support private network services.” 

The licenses will be available to businesses, government users, and licensed operators, allowing them to determine the best ways of utilizing wireless technologies to support their digitization plans. The TRA will also launch a program to ensure users can reap the benefits of wireless technologies while incorporating them into the digitization of their operations.
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