Extension for the public consultation on BNET’s Reference Offer

February 12,2023

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is in receipt of extension requests for submission of comments to the Public Consultation on the “BNET’s Reference Offer”.

Recognizing the importance of this public consultation, the Authority, therefore, wishes to announce that the deadline for submissions is hereby extended to Wednesday 1 March 2023.

1. On 7 February 2023, the TRA published the Consultation Paper on BNET’s Reference Offer [Ref: LAD/0223/009] (the “Consultation Paper”), we stated that the consultation period would run for 5 working days (until 14 February 2023).

2. Following a request from several stakeholders for an extension to the deadline, having considered the reasons presented by the stakeholders and taking into consideration the length of the documents to be reviewed, we have agreed to extend the deadline for receipt of submissions to the Consultation Paper by two weeks.

3. We also note that BNET has sent further minor amendments to some parts of the BNET RO on 8 February 2023 (we have uploaded these onto the TRA website). These amendments are specifically to:

  a.The titles of WBS Essential Service and WBS Advanced Service under the Monthly Recurring Charges for Copper-Based WBS Services in the pricing Schedule 3;
  b. Annex 3 in the CCLS Service Schedule (Schedule 6.5);
  c.The value of the insurance and an additional clause under the ‘Planned Outages and Maintenance’ section relating to cases of Emergency Maintenance, in all Operation Manuals;
 d.Removal of clause 2.9 of Operation Manual 6.1, relating to termination to confirmation; and
  e. Removal of any reference to data centres in Operation Manual 6.3.
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