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In 2010, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority undertook the first Online Safety Study in the Kingdom of Bahrain; the study highlighted key issues around children’s and adult’s perceptions of risk and their online behaviour (Davidson, J. Martellozzo, E., 2012).

In 2015 TRA has contracted the Researchers to undertake a second review of Internet safety awareness amongst adults and children. This report presents findings from the research set in the context of a review of recent and current international literature in the child online safety area.

The research involved approximately 2,433 respondents, of which, 98 were children aged 7-11 through focus group interviews, a national survey of 1,637 young people aged 12-18 from various schools in the Kingdom, and a national survey of 698 adults. The sample was nationally representative of Bahrain, including a 50/50 gender split. Furthermore, the split was also equal amongst different age groups (the following schools have participated in the study 1. Al-Wisam International School; 2. British School of Bahrain; 3. The Indian School; 4. Modern Knowledge School; 5. Bahrain Bayan School). Unfortunately no access was provided to public schools by the Ministry of Education. The target sample for the adult survey was 800 and only 698 responded. However, 618 provided complete data and were therefore included in the analysis.

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