Telecommunication Equipment Importation

This involves importing the type approved telecom equipment into the Kingdom of Bahrain for (use, sale, distribute, etc.).

TRA Achievements

Step 1: Obtain a direct access to Bahrain custom “OFOQ” system to apply for TRA’s approval.

Step 2: Customs Affairs will create for you an account (username & password) to facilitate your access to “OFOQ” system upon completing and submitting the online form along with a copy of your CR & a copy of the Smart Card of the intended user/s to

When applying, please bear in mind the following:

  • Our Key performance indicator (KPI) period to process each application is 3 working days. You can follow up with your request in 3 days time of the requested date or you can easily check via OFOQ system.
  • To consolidate all the required supporting documents in a single file when uploading the same into “OFOQ” system.
  • A guidance manual is online to walk you through the applying steps in “Ofoq” system.
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